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Join us for an exciting Seminar on "cdPCR in Real-Time Oncology", brought to you by Sciencewerke and Stilla Technologies. About Stilla Technologies & the naica® system Stilla Technologies is a Paris-based European Biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic tests by providing a ground-breaking and flexible digital PCR (dPCR) solution: the naica® system. The naica® system is an easy-to-use dPCR platform that harnesses cutting-edge microfluidic technology to integrate the dPCR workflow onto a single consumable chip, for a fast and simple workflow with more sensitivity while reducing time and saving precious sample. It is now recognized as a reliable tool for rare alleles and rare mutations detection, also for genotyping, absolute quantification and copy number variation. It has also been successfully implemented in a wide variety of applications including cancer, liquid biopsy, cell and gene therapy, infection disease detection, GMO and environmental testing. Speaker Andrew Hoskins is an Application Scientist in charge of technical support for Stilla Technologies. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 2017 with a B.S. in Biochemistry and continued his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University to receive a M.S. in Biochemistry in 2019. Andrew has been working with PCR based applications since 2018 and began working with digital PCR in 2021. Click here to register for the Seminar today! Hurry, slots are limited! Keen to know more about Stilla’s ddPCR system? Simply reach out to us at enquiry@sciencewerke.com for a demo session at your convenience!

Bite into hands-free, on-the-money buffer exchange with Unagi and Big Tuna

Bite into hands-free, on-the-money buffer exchange with Unagi and Big Tuna Webinar Date: 29 June, Wednesday Time: 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CEST The Problem Your taste for biologics and gene therapy buffer exchange and concentration may vary between sample number and volumes, but your appetite for precise results never changes. You need to nail exact exchange and concentration targets without giving up your precious time handling your samples. The Solution Unagi is the first completely hands-free benchtop buffer exchange solution for up to 8 samples with starting volumes from 0.5 to 8 mL. Big Tuna is a fully automated, plate-based buffer exchange platform that can exchange and concentrate up to 96 samples in parallel with starting volumes from 100 μL to 8 mL. Both systems can further concentrate up to 48 mL of initial sample volume. Each deliver ≥ 96% recovery for protein, mAb, nucleic acid, LNP and AAV buffer exchange and concentration runs using the same innovative buffer exchange technology that provides uniform results and eliminates dead end ultrafiltration with 10, 30, and 100 kDa MWCO options. The Proof Learn how simple it is to set up a buffer exchange or concentration run for your biologics and gene therapy samples on Unagi and Big Tuna. We will show case studies for each platform to help you decide which is a better solution for automating your buffer exchange, gaining improved results, and saving precious time in the process. Learning Objectives: - Top challenges for buffer exchange of common biologics (mAbs and proteins) and gene therapy (AAVs, LNPs, nucleic acids) biomolecules - Benefits of BGTx biomolecule automated buffer exchange and concentration to save time - Benefits of programmable target buffer exchange and concentration values in saving time for downstream analysis
Speaker Del Ray Jackson, PhD Marketing Manager, Buffer Exchange & Workflows Unchained Labs
  Hurry! Slots are limited. Click
here to register now. Click here to learn more about Unagi and Big Tuna!

Be Part of the 2023 ibidi Calendar

Be Part of the 2023 ibidi Calendar

Do you have a stunning microscopy image that you would like to showcase in the next ibidi calendar? Then enter your image in the ibidi contest* today! 3 winning entries will each receive free calendars and have their images featured on the ibidi website. Please submit your image here.

Click here to explore all winning images of the 2022 ibidi calendar. *Deadline for submission is 31 July 2022. The winners will be selected by ibidi in September.  
2022 ibidi Calendar Impression: NAVEEN PARMAR NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (NTNU), TRONDHEIM, NORWAY 3D culture of an IL-22-treated mouse small intestine organoid grown in Matrigel® drops using an ibidi μ-Slide 8 Well. The organoid was stained for the antimicrobial protein RELMβ (green), the secretory cell marker Ulex Europaeus Agglutinin I (UEA I, red), β-catenin (purple), and the nuclear marker DAPI (blue). The image was acquired using a Zeiss LSM 880 confocal microscope with a 20x objective lens.

Paving the Path for NGS-Based Biomarker Discovery - A MasterClass Webinar by Norgen Biotek

Liquid Biopsies: Paving the Path for NGS-Based Biomarker Discovery A MasterClass Webinar by Norgen Biotek
  • 15 June 2022 @ 10.30AM EDT (45 min + Q&A); and
  • 15 June 2022 @ 1.30PM EDT (45 min + Q&A)
here to register now!   Key Learning Objectives:
  • The advantages of liquid biopsies as a biospecimen for disease detection & monitoring
  • The composition of liquid biopsy samples and the importance of each analyte
  • Current Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications driving translational clinical research
  • A spotlight on Small RNA-Seq as an application for biomarker discovery
  • Emerging RNA-Seq applications for transcriptomics from liquid biopsies & the challenges
  Hosted by: Mohamed El-Mogy, M.Sc, Ph.D - Director of R&D Services Michelle Stopher - Key Account Manager   Abstract: Liquid biopsy samples are increasingly becoming one of the most valuable, minimally-invasive sources of information as the basis of diagnosis and disease monitoring as well as disease prevention. Biospecimens such as plasma, serum and urine contain various biomarkers that provide key insights into changes within the genome, epigenome, transcriptome and proteome of a patient. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is an extraordinary tool enabling researchers to dive deeper into the contents of liquid biopsy samples to advance discoveries in the fields of cancer research and complex disease genomics. In this webinar, we will discuss the various Next Generation Sequencing applications that can be explored which allow researchers to analyze the circulating analytes contained within liquid biopsy samples. We will focus a spotlight on Small (micro) RNA-Sequencing from cell-free RNA and RNA derived from exosomes, as an application for biomarker discovery and understanding cell to cell communication. We will also discuss the emerging field of transcriptome sequencing from cell-free RNA in liquid biopsy samples, the challenges of library preparation, and the immense potential of profiling circulating transcripts.   More about the Speakers: Dr. Mohamed El-Mogy is the Director of R&D Services at Norgen Biotek and has been with Norgen for over 12 years. Dr. El-Mogy’s background is in cell and molecular biology with an extensive focus in sample preparation and NGS applications. Michelle Stopher is a Key Account Manager for Norgen’s Next Generation Sequencing Services and has been working closely with some of the largest, most influential research institutions and companies for over 5 years at Norgen.

Live Demo: Have a look-see into Stunner's rapid, low volume AAV titer and empty/full analysis

Get to the Bottom of Your Gut: A Multi-Omics Look into the Stool Microbiome Master Class Webinar by Norgen Biotek Corp.

Get To The Bottom of Your Gut : A Multi-Omics Look Into the Stool Microbiome Date: 18 May 2022 Time: 10.30am and 1.30pm EDT (45min + Q&A) Click here to register for:   Featured Speaker Jason Byron Perez, M.Sc. Senior Product Specialist   Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand what fecal samples consist of
  • Understand the challenges presented by fecal samples (degradation)
  • How to address these challenges
  • Applications with fecal samples (microbiome, virome, metabolomics, metatranscriptomics, and CRC-DNA)
  About the Speaker Jason Perez has a background in veterinary and environmental microbiology, both in academia and the biotechnology industry. Jason is currently a Senior Product Specialist at Norgen Biotek Corp. with a focus on microbiome applications. His work with veterinary pathogens and complex environmental microbiomes now aid him in supporting Norgen’s customers, researchers and diagnosticians in the field and the lab.

Online Course: Setup and Analysis of Chemotaxis Assays

Would you like to get a better understanding of the basics of conducting a chemotaxis assay, as well as tips and tricks for handling the ibidi µ-Slide Chemotaxis?

To make the start of your experiments even easier, and to help you become a chemotaxis assay expert, we are pleased to invite you to our ibidi Online Course: Setup & Analysis of Chemotaxis Assays on 8 – 9 June 2022.

You will learn how to conduct a chemotaxis experiment from start to finish, including the handling of the µ-Slide Chemotaxis, 3D gel preparation, live cell imaging, single cell tracking, and data analysis. Also, characteristic parameters of directed and undirected cell migration will be evaluated.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with the ibidi experts to learn tips and tricks that can help you with your own experiments.

After the course, you will be equipped with advanced knowledge and a better understanding of the necessary tools to perform your chemotaxis experiments like an expert.

No sterile working benches or cells are required to participate. Attend the course from the comfort of your office or home.

Day 1 – Start: 4.00 pm CEST Topics
  • Introduction to chemotaxis and cell migration
  • Show and Tell: Handling of the µ-Slide Chemotaxis
  • Tips and Tricks: Setup of a chemotaxis experiment in 2D and 3D in the lab
  • Live cell imaging
End: 7.30 pm CEST (breaks included)
Day 2 – Start: 4.00 pm CEST Topics
  • Evaluation and analysis of chemotaxis assays
  • Methods of single cell tracking
  • Important parameters of data analysis
  • Sample experiments and experimental optimization
End: 7.30 pm CEST (breaks included)
  Slots are limited. Click here to
Register now!

1st Annual Human Genomics Symposium

Event: 1st Annual Human Genomics Symposium Date: 14th & 15th November 2019 Venue: CRC Auditorium, NUS Sciencewerke participated in the 1st Annual Human Genomics Symposium, jointly hosted by National University Health System (NUHS), Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS) and NovogeneAIT Genomics Singapore. We showcased our genomics portfolio, with focus on next generation technologies for research and diagnostics, to the scientist and clinicians who are working in the fields of human genomics.

12th SALAS Annual Conference

Event: 12th SALAS Annual Conference Date: 8th & 9th November 2018 Venue: Rendevous Hotel Sciencewerke participated in the annual SALAS event - Advancements in laboratory animal care and management, facilitating research innovations where we showcase many of our cutting-edge technology on imaging solutions. For information on SALAS, click here

Biotech Fest @ Biopolis

    Event: Biotech fest @ Biopolis Date: 31st Oct 2018 - 1st Nov 2018 Venue: Epicentre, Matrix Research Support Centre (RSC) held its bi-annual event, Biotech Fest @ Biopolis. Sciencewerke gave out free affogato for those who like our facebook page.  Participants played games and checked out promotions that Sciencewerke was offering. Thank you all for coming!

Seminar - How to Combine Cell Culture and Cell-Based Assays with Imaging

High quality images of cells, which have high spatial and temporal resolution, require not only the appropriate technical equipment to create them, but also careful attention to the sample preparation. This seminar will focus on how to link optimized cell culture with cell-based assays and high-end microscopy. ibidi produces specialized chambers, with specialized geometries and high optical properties, which allow micro-scopical analysis of living or fixed cells during cultivation, treatment within the same dish or slide. In addition, ibidi provides software online that provides fully automated quantitative analysis of cell behavior. Methods such as immunofluorescence, cell migration, and chemotaxis, as well as scientific data, will be presented to give a more in depth look at ibidi’ s integrated approach to cell-based assays. In this talk, we will be focusing on how to optimize the key application and providing an all-in-one solution in: • Live Cell Imaging • Immunofluorescence • Wound Healing and Cell Migration • Chemotaxis and Angiogenesis • Cell Culture Under Flow • 3D culture of spheroids and organoids

Event details

11th Oct 2018 (Thursday) 10:00am - 11:00am NUS Confocal Microscopy Unit MD1-09-01B Presenter: Dr. Christian Leibold, Director, ibidi GmbH 11th Oct 2018 (Thursday) 2:00pm - 3:00pm NUS Mechanobiology Institute T-Lab Level 5, Seminar rooms 1- 3 Presenter: Dr. Christian Leibold, Director, ibidi GmbH Refreshments will be provided for both seminars.

Please register here

Preclinical Multimodal Imaging of Bacterial Infections on Medical Implants (Seminar) 

Event details: Preclinical Multimodal Imaging of Bacterial Infections on Medical Implants (Seminar) This presentation will show how non-invasive preclinical imaging (optical, PET and CT) is being used to better understand the establishment and development of bacterial infections in vivo, and how best to treat them. In particular, data will be shown as to how preclinical imaging can be used to monitor bacterial infections on orthopaedic implants, and how this technology might be translated into the clinic. About the speaker Dr Kevin Francis joined Xenogen Corporation, now part of PerkinElmer, in January 1999 as Director of Infectious Disease Research, before becoming Head of Biology R&D. He is currently a Fellow within this organization, helping to direct scientific innovation both internally and externally through collaborative research with PE’s extensive customer base. We currently have 2 sessions that you can join us. Session 1: NUS Date: 2nd July 2018 (Monday) Time: 9am - 11am Venue: Seminar Room 1 #01-06 Centre for Life Science (CeLS) 28 Medical Drive, Singapore 117456 Register here Session 2: BRC Date: 3rd July, 2018 (Tuesday) Time: 9am - 11am Venue: Breakthrough Theatre Level 4, Matrix Building, 30 Biopolis St, Singapore 138671 Register here We look forward to seeing you there!    
 Event details: Preclinical Multimodal Imaging of Bacterial Infections on Medical Implants (Seminar)
 Date: 2nd July 2018 (Monday)
 Time: 9am - 11am
 Venue: Seminar Room 1 #01-06 Centre for Life Science (CeLS), 28 Medical Drive, Singapore 117456