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DNA Methylation
Complete solutions for DNA methylation studies

ChIP Chromatin immunoprecipitation
Diagenode offers a wide range of kits for chromatin immunoprecipitation, a method used to determine the location of DNA binding sites on the genome for a particular protein of interest. ChIP offers insight into the regulation of gene expression. This technique is now used in a variety of life science disciplines including cellular differentiation, tumor suppressor gene silencing, and the effect of histone modifications on gene expression.

Bioruptor® Pico (2020) sonication device
The Bioruptor® Pico is the latest innovation in shearing and represents a new breakthrough as an all-in-one shearing system capable of shearing samples from 150 bp to 1 kb.

Since 2004 Diagenode has been the most trusted supplier for epigenetics-focused antibodies. We understand that high quality is crucial for the success of your ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments, so we emphasize strict quality standards and actual validation for all of our antibodies. Our partnerships with leading epigenetics experts and epigenetics consortiums such as BLUEPRINT have allowed us to validate our antibodies to the highest degree, guaranteeing specificity, reproducibilty, and success for each and every ChIP assay. In addition, unlike competing suppliers, we are fully transparent with our validation and provide all batch-specific validation data for tested applications on every data sheet right here on our website.   TEST Diagenode has epigenetics antibodies of choice:
  • Unmatched expertise - We have been exclusively dedicated to epigenetics research with more than 10 years of epigenetics-focused antibody expertise
  • Strict quality standards with rigorous QC and validation using standardized protocols
  • Comprehensive selection of histone and non-histone antibodies
  • Numerous validation steps to guarantee your results, including peptide array confirmation and siRNA validation to assure antibody specificity


Library preparation kits

Diagenode provides a complete portfolio of library preparation kits for Next-Generation Sequencing, covering RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and DNA sequencing.  Our library preparation solutions can be used for low inputs, from as little as 10 pg of starting material. Our kits offer simple and fast workflows, high yields, and ready-to-sequence  DNA. Our solutions incorporate user-friendly protocols that even beginners can easily master upon the first use.


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