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The SARRP irradiation platform cabinet has been developed to match the standard of care for radiation treatments in a pre-clinic setting, and is designed to fit through a standard doorway, lead shielded, has a motorised 360 degree rotating gantry and a 4-dimensional plane robotic stage.

The SARRP delivers targeted radiation to pre-clinical animal models with an accuracy equivalent to clinical radiotherapy. Using an on-board high resolution cone beam-CT imaging and 3-D bioluminescent tomographic imaging, the SARRP can target micro beams (down to 0.5mm) of radiation to an accuracy of 200um. The SARRP allows the user to image the animal, contour the tumour/target and organs at risk, evaluate the dose, and deliver the desired treatment.

SARRP enables investigators from various backgrounds to perform clinically relevant research in a preclinical laboratory setting. The ability to mimic clinical radiation practice in an in vivo model allows for investigation of research end points that have not been attainable up until now. Adopting clinical techniques like imaging, target localization, and avoidance of normal tissue toxicity will only drive the field and understanding of radiation effects to the tumor forward.

  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Radiobiology and Physics
  • Tumour response and control
  • Clinically relevant treatment planning
  • DNA damage
  • Immunotherapy
  • Tumour micro-environment characterization
  • Hypoxia
  • Bystander effect
  • Normal tissue toxicity
  • Abscopal response
  • Radiosensitizers and Radioprotectors
  • Cardiovascular toxicity
  • Oncology research
  • Validation of clinical findings