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Lunatic makes batch quantification of protein, DNA and RNA a no-brainer. All you need is 2 μL and 5 minutes to measure up to 96 samples. Run them straight-up, even at high concentrations, without ever diluting. Lunatic gets biologics and genomics UV/Vis quantification on the money every time

No B.S. workflow Skip the sample prep, cleaning and worrying about cross-contamination or evaporation — your samples will sit tight for up to 2 hours. Our proprietary Lunatic Chip consumable has 16 individual microfluidic circuits so you can run up to 16 samples at a time. Or knock out up to 96 on a Lunatic Plate. So just load and get kickass results.

Max out your biologic Lunatic is the only system out there that can measure biologics at high-throughput and high concentration. It’s got dynamic range that covers from 0.02 mg/mL to 200 mg/mL (mAb), so run any protein without ever having to dilute again. Stop the madness of running just one protein at a time — and cleaning up afterwards.

Dig up your genomic’s dirt DNA and RNA samples can be freaking messy. Lunatic analysis software lets you see annoying impurities that classic A260 measurements alone mistake as your DNA or RNA. Find out exactly how much RNA, turbidity, beads and other influencers are screwing up your samples. Ditch the time-sucking, dye-based prep and know right away if your samples are good to go.

Get with the program GLP labs don’t sweat it. Lunatic’s software hooks labs up with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant features. We’re talking password protection, electronic signatures, full audit trail – the whole package. Lunatic also talks to robots, so you can plug it right in to your current automation workflow.


Description Big Lunatic Specifications Little Lunatic Specifications
Sample size 2 µL 2 µL
Number of samples 96 per Lunatic Plate 16 per Lunatic Chip
Sample run time 5 minutes per Lunatic Plate 2 minutes per Lunatic Chip
IgG concentration range Lunatic Plate: 0.02–29 mg/mL High Lunatic Plate: 0.02–200 mg/mL Lunatic Chip: 0.02–29 mg/mL High Lunatic Chip: 0.02–200 mg/mL
dsDNA concentration range Lunatic Plate: 1.5–2,000 ng/μL High Lunatic Plate: 1.5–13,750 ng/μL Lunatic Chip: 1.5–2,000 ng/μL High Lunatic Chip: 1.5–13,750 ng/μL
Path length Lunatic Plate: 0.5 mm High Lunatic Plate: 0.1 and 0.7 mm Lunatic Chip: 0.5 mm High Lunatic Chip: 0.1 and 0.7 mm
Light Source Xenon flash lamp Xenon flash lamp
Detector UV/Vis polychromatic spectrophotometer UV/Vis polychromatic spectrophotometer
Wavelength range 230–750 nm 230–750 nm
Wavelength accuracy y ≤0.2 nm ≤0.2 nm
Absorbance precision 0.001 OD (0.5 mm path) 0.001 OD (0.5 mm path)
Absorbance accuracy 4% (0.66 OD at 350 nm) 4% (0.66 OD at 350 nm)
Calibration Integrated self-calibration Integrated self-calibration
Physical 37 cm W x 46 cm D x 33 cm H, 21 kg 23 cm W x 30 cm D x 28 cm H, 9 kg
Electrical Universal input, voltage 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz Universal input, voltage 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
Computer Separate computer included, Microsoft Windows 7 or later Preinstalled software, 7” full-color touch screen