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SLAN-96 Automatic Medical PCR Analysis System – Zeesan

Zeesan Biotech

The Zeesan SLAN ® -96S real-time PCR system is used to perform Real-time PCR experiments and analyze experiments results; With appropriate reagents, the SLAN ® -96S real-time PCR system performs quick and accurate qualitative or quantitative detection of target nucleic acids extracted from samples (e.g. blood, body fluid or other materials), or discriminate the target nucleic acids’ melting curve or genotype.

The Zeesan SLAN ® -96S real-time PCR system is intended for: 1. Clinical diagnosis in vitro; 2.General laboratory use.

Intended Use: 
1) NMPA approved in China for clinical use
2) CE marked for IVD use in Europe


► Detection of clinical pathogens
► Basic scientific research
► Genetic screening
► Food hygiene inspection
► Customhouse import & export quarantine inspection
► Public health and epidemiology
► Detection of animal and plant pathogen


► PCR program
► Automated interpretation program for output of Zeesan Kits

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