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nanoScan® SPECT/CT


  • Resolution-booster™: the first ground breaking total detection chain design principle
  • Patented* M3-pinhole™ and Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT reconstruction technology
  • x2 gain in SPECT sensitivity achieve 13.000 cps/MBq
  • x2 gain in volumetric SPECT resolution

Proprietary and patented* multi-pinhole aperture technology
  • Cutting-edge aperture design resulting in market leading imaging performance
  • Versatile, well-balanced, multi-pinhole apertures providing large single position field of view, high sensitivity and sub-mm resolution at the same time
  • Flexible system design allowing not only mouse and rat but also larger animal (e.g. rabbit, monkey) imaging using parallel-hole collimators.


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