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  • Versatile configuration possibility up to the market leading performance
  • Patented* Tera-Tomo™ 3D SPECT and 3D PET reconstruction for fast and accurate quantification in all modalities
  • Easy upgrade possibility to increase the capacity of your laboratory

  • Two MRI and two CT based bimodal solutions and one triple-modality system
  • Highest visible resolution in NM modalities: 300 µm SPECT and 700 µm PET
  • Highest PET and SPECT quantification accuracy: over 97% in both modalities
  • Dynamic list mode acquisition for both PET and SPECT
  • Fulfiling low to high budget requirements  with a continuous on-site upgrade path
  • Worldwide exclusive factory support throughout the equipment lifetime (guaranteed for more than 10 years for all systems including NanoSPEC T/CT® and NanoPET™/CT)

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