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nanoScan® PET/CT


  • More than 70 installed PET-based cameras worldwide: ensuring reliable systems with matured technology,  supported by proven and experienced service and application network
  • Highest PET resolution (using the industry’s most advanced pixelated modular LYSO detectors)
  • Exceptionally high count rate tolerance supporting high activity studies of multiple animals or short half-life isotopes
  • State-of-the-art Tera-TomoTM 3D PET image reconstruction engine

  • Touchscreen interface
    • Shared interface for PET and CT
    • Imaging chamber movement control through touchscreen interface or from the acquisition workstation
    • Continuous physiological monitoring
    • PET persistence scope function
    Animal handling
    • Direct access to the animal during scan
    • Zero dead space: easy manipulation of the animal (injection, blood sampling, etc.)
    • Automated imaging chamber positioning – Integrated heating and gas anesthesia possibility
    • Physiological monitoring
    • ECG/respiratory gating
    PET Detector
    • LYSO crystal full ring geometry
    • Up to 12 cm transaxial FOV
    • Aperture: up to 16 cm
    • Up to 0.3 mm3 spatial resolution by Tera TomoTM 3D PET reconstruction engine
    High Precision Gantry
    • Precise and robust rotational bearing and drive
    • Exceptionally stable gantry with 3 axis movements
    • Large bore size up to 160 mm
    • Touchscreen interface
    • Vibration free rubber pads
    X-Ray CT System
    • 80 W X-ray tube power
    • Up to 1 mA tube current
    • <10 mGy exposure CT dose
    • 2-12 cm variable TFOV
    • Up to x 7,6 zoom
    •  ≤ 10 µm isotropic voxel size

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