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MultiScan™ LFER150 PET/CT


  • High-resolution PET for research applications
  • PET/CT acquisition without subject movement
  • 15 cm axial, 20 cm transaxial FOV in both modalities
  • versatile gantry to facilitate unconventional imaging setups
  • packages for awake primate, mid-sized animal and rodent imaging

Sitting non-human primate:

The subject is sitting in a primate chair, docked to the system*. Height and tilt of the imaging volume can be adjusted to cover the brain. The small dead space in front ensures the view of the animal is not obstructed. The large field of view (15 cm axial, 20 cm transaxial) enables dynamic scans without compromise. (*Details of the head fixation have to be discussed before ordering.)

Recumbent mid-sized animals:

This setup is intended for imaging anesthetized primates, minipig etc. The MobilCell modular imaging bed is docked to the system. The 60 cm extended axial field of view can cover even the largest animals. Basic pallet and pallet with primate head positioning frame are available.

Small animal imaging:

To utilize the exceptional resolution of the device also for rodent imaging it is compatible with the wide selection of imaging chambers and monitoring system of the MultiCell line. Beds for multiple mouse and rat imaging are available.

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