Stain mitochondria and lysosomes in live cells

Fluorescent Mitochondrial & Lysosome Stains

Biotium offers bright, non-toxic organelle stains, now with more color options. Highly specific, rapid staining with no wash step required.

MitoView™ Live Cell Mitochondrial Stains

  • MitoView™ 405 violet-excitable blue stain, now with improved photostability
  • MitoView™ Green stains live or fixed cells
  • Far-red MitoView™ 633 senses mitochondrial membrane potential in apoptosis
  • Unique MitoView™ 720 for far-red or near-infrared imaging

LysoView™ Live Cell Lysosome Stains

  • LysoView™ 405, violet excitable blue fluorescent probe
  • Green fluorescent LysoView™ 488, orange fluorescent LysoView™ 540, or far-red fluorescent LysoView™ 633
  • Light-On LysoView™ 555 – unique UV-activated red lysoview stain