Biotium: All-In-One GelRed®

GelRed® Prestain Plus 6X DNA Loading Dye is an agarose gel loading buffer that includes our sensitive, non-toxic, non-mutagenic GelRed® dye. This is an improved version of our original 6X GelRed® prestain loading buffer, formulated to minimize DNA migration shift and increase brightness.


  • 6X agarose gel loading buffer that includes GelRed® DNA stain.
  • Convenient: one-step addition of loading buffer and DNA dye to the sample.
  • Improved formulation to minimize DNA migration shift.
  • GelRed® DNA stain is an ultra-sensitive, non-mutagenic, non-toxic EtBr alternative.
  • Two blue tracking dyes that run at ~1.5 kb and ~200 bp in 1% agarose.
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