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20th BRI Postgraduate Seminar

Event: 20th BRI Postgraduate Seminar Date: 19th and 20th July, 2017 Venue: University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Sciencewerke Malaysia participated in the 20th Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) Postgraduate Seminar at UMS where students to present their research proposals and progress and in return receive inspiring ideas, useful suggestions and constructive criticisms from the audience, experts and academician that were present in the seminar. The event gave exposure for students to grow as a researcher, instilling confidence and improving intellectual deliberation and presentation skill.

Need High Throughput for Your Cell Culture Assays?

High-resolution cell microscopy on a tissue culture-treated surface Brilliant fluorescence imaging without autofluorescence Ready for HTS and robotics: compliant with ANSI / SLAS (SBS)

µ-Plate 24 Well, µ-Plate 96 Well, µ-Plate Angiogenesis 96 Well 

Available in October, 2018: The ibidi µ-Plate 384 Well with clear bottom and clear walls. Check out our website for more information soon.
Perform High-Throughput Screenings With Reproducible Results
μ-Plate 24 Well| μ-Plate 96 Well Flat ibidi Polymer Coverslip bottom for high-resolution live cell imaging Without autofluorescence or well-to-well crosstalk for excellent immunofluorescence microscopy
Immunofluorescence staining of MDCK cells. Ideal for: Live cell imaging Fluorescence microscopy Compound screenings (toxicology) Large-scale transfection assays Wound healing assays using the μ-Plate 24 Well in combination with the ibidi Culture-Inserts
Conduct Angiogenesis Assays and Get Brilliant Cell Visualization
μ-Plate Angiogenesis 96 Well Well-in-a-well technology for brilliant cell visualization without meniscus Low well volume for cost-effective angiogenesis assays
Tube formation assay of HUVEC. Ideal for: Live cell imaging Fluorescence microscopy Angiogenesis and tube formation assays High throughput screening of anti-angiogenic drug potential

Latest in high content screening

With Etaluma’s high resolution, versatile, and compact inverted microscope, you can finally get the big picture without the big ticket price!           Lumascope LS720
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Amazingly simple
  • Remarkably versatile
  • AUTOMATED. Auto XY stage, autofocus and Z-stacking
  • VERSATILE. 3-Color fluorescence, phase contrast, brightfield
  • MULTI-MODE. Records images, time-lapse & live video
  • HIGH RESOLUTION. Comparable to traditional, high-cost microscopes
  • SOLID STATE OPTICS. No moving parts, no pixel shift
  • COMPACT. Fits inside incubators, hoods, and hypoxia chambers for live cell imaging
  • SIMPLIFIED OPTICS. Captures more light so less cytotoxicity and photo bleaching
  • FLEXIBLE. Microplates, slides, microfluidic chips, dishes, flasks, custom labware
  • CAPABLE. Use with 1.25-100x objectives
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Diagenode End of Year Promotion

Diagenode End of year promotion details

Buy 1 ChiP kit + 1 library prep kit and get 1 antibody for freeΔ
  • Complete portfolio for Next-Gen Sequencing of RNA, DNA & ChIP.
  • Inputs as low as 10pg with simple and fast workflows.
Promo code: DIA2018-1
2. Buy 1 ChiP kit and get 1 antibody sample for free#
  • ChIP-seq and ChIP-qPCR kits for transcription factors, histones, low and standard input.
  • Complete kit with control antibodies and primers validated for different samples (human, plant, animal).
Promo code: DIA2018-2
3. Buy 2 antibodies and get 1 for free+
  • High quality,validated antibodies dedicated for ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments.
  • Comprehensive selection of histone and non-histone antibodies.
Promo code: DIA2018-3
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Terms and conditions: * promotion is valid from now until 31st Jan 2019. + Free antibody will be of the lowest price. # Sample size depends on antibody chosen. Δ depends on antibody chosen.

Lites End of Year (EOY) Promotion - Buy 1 get 1 free

PerkinElmer lites® have you covered. No matter what your throughput for reporter gene, cytotoxicity or cell proliferation assays, there is a PerkinElmer luminescence product for you: Reporter Gene Assays: • britelite® plus • neolite™ • steadylite plus® • sensilite™ • twinlite™ Cytotoxicity/Cell Proliferation Assays: • ATPlite™ • ATPlite™ 1step • ATPlite™ 3D • ATPlite™ 1step 3D Choose the right detection reagent based on your application Luminescence Assays: ATPlite and ATPlite 1step – Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP) monitoring systems based on firefly (Photinus pyralis) luciferase. These luminescence assays are alternatives to colorimetric, fluorometric and radioisotopic assays for the quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of cultured mammalian cells. ATP monitoring can be used to assess the cytocidal, cytostatic and proliferative effects of a wide range of drugs, biological response modifiers and biological compounds. The 3D versions of the kits were developed to specifically detect cell viability and proliferation in cultured spheroid models. The ATPlite versions are run in two steps, where samples can be stored after cell lysis at -20 °C and then pooled for testing.

britelite plus


steadylite plus




Very High





Half-life (hours)






Plate Format

96, 384, 1536

96, 384, 1536

96, 384, 1536

96, 384

96, 384


• Superior sensitivity

• Low transfection efficiency

• Stem cell transfection

• Rapid read time

(continuous processing)

• Low transfection efficiency

• Stem cell transfection

• Increased assay windows

• Extended read times

• Most robust

• Strong steady signal

• Long extended read times

• High throughput screening

• Low transfection efficiency

• Stem cell transfection

• Normalization for high quality data

• Screen two events in parallel by measuring both firefly and Renilla luciferases

Buy 1 get 1 free (any lite kit), Promotion code: PKE1FOR1

* offer valid till 31st Dec 2018

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