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plexWell™ 96


plexWell™ 96 (PW096) Highlights:

  • plexWell NGS multiplexed library generation kit for Illumina®
  • Assay-ready 96-well fully-skirted low-profile PCR plate
  • 96 unique barcode combinations
  • Kit contains major reagents necessary to prepare libraries including Magwise™ paramagnetic beads (DNA polymerase not included)
  • Efficient library prep for one 96-well plate inputs
  • Normalizes input DNA over wide input range of 3-30 ng
  • Volume-based pricing (save 30-50% on total lab costs)

Recommended Applications:

  • Synthetic Construct Sequencing (Amplicons, Plasmids, BACs, etc)
  • Microbiome screening
  • Microbial whole genome sequencing
  • scRNA-seq
  • Low-depth whole genome/GBS