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5th Continuing Medical Technology...

Event: 5th Continuing Medical Technology Education 2019 Date: 25 Aug 2019 Venue: Myanmar Convention Centre Sciencewerke was invited by Myanmar Medical Technologist Association (MMTA) to participate in its 5th Continuing Medical Technology Education conference where we displayed our products and shared with the public on the importance of G6PD testing.

Randox Vivalytic Seminars and...

  Event: Randox Vivalytic Seminars and Visit Date: 21 Aug 2019 Venue: National Health Laboratory, Parami Hospital & Aryu Hospital Sciencewerke organised a seminar introducing Randox Vivalytic Multiplex Array Analyzer and shared how it is the all in one solution for molecular diagnostics.

JESS Installation and Training

Event: JESS Installation and Training Date: 5 to 6 Aug 2019 Venue: Department of Medical Research, Advanced Molecular Research Centre Sciencewerke installed and conducted a training session for JESS, where we showcased its precise automation capababilities.

Sciencewerke Introduction and Portfolios

Event: Sciencewerke Introduction and Portfolios Date: 11-12 June 2019 Venue: University of Medicine, Mandalay Sciencewerke visited the Department of Biochemistry, Department of Microbiology and Department of Pathology to introduce our portfolios and shared how research can be advanced with molecular technology.

Basic and Advanced Instrumentation...

Event: Basic and Advanced Instrumentation Training Date: 29 May 2019 Venue: Department of Chemistry, West Yangon University Sciencewerke conducted a training session on basic and advanced instruments used in chemistry at West Yangon University, where we showcased our expertise and portfolios.

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