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i-Spin 10k + Mini Centrifuge
  • Fits 8 tubes compared to your usual 6, allowing for 1.5x greater centrifugal force at the same speed
  • Convenient interchangeable rotors with clip-on fix
  • Includes rotors accessories and tube adaptors
Equipped with 2 rotor types
  1. 8 x 1.5ml rotator (suitable for 8 x 1.5ml / 2.0ml tubes with additional 0.2ml & 0.5ml tube adapters)
  2. 8 x 0.2ml x 2-strip rotor (suitable for 8 x 0.2ml PCR tubes)

i-Mix Smart Vortexer
  • Convenient and easy handling of touch-to-mix (short mix) mode
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Outer surfaces are made of chemical-resistant plastic with a thick base for steady operation
  • Adjustable speed to accommodate to different experimental requirements
  • Built-in, portable 12V low voltage power adapter

i-Mix 3D Rotating Mixer
  • Can be operated in variety of rotation modes by horizontal, vertical or any angled rotation
  • Compact size.  Easily moved from benchtop to refrigerator or incubator
Includes 3 different rotation frames:
  • 1. 5 x 10ml /15 ml (Ф15 mm-Ф16 mm) centrifuge tubes + 6 x 5ml /7 ml (Ф12 mm-Ф13 mm) centrifuge tubes
  • 3 x 50 ml centrifuge tubes + 18 x 0.5 ml centrifuge tubes
  • 18 x 1.5/2 ml centrifuge tubes

i-Cube Thermoshaker
  • Built-in temperature calibration and short mixing functions
  • Conforms to CE safety standards
  • Interchangeable blocks to accommodate different sample sizes
  • Microprocessor ensures accurate temperature and speed control

i-Cube Microplate Incubator
  • Microprocessor ensures accurate time and temperature control
  • Alarm signals upon operation completion
  • User-friendly interface displays setting and actual temperatures simultaneously

i-Cube Dry Bath Incubator
  • Quick, uniform and accurate heating with built-in temperature calibration
  • Built-in overheating protection device for user safety
  • Compact design with a wide choice of blocks


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