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Targeted Assay
By using our high sensitivity CE-MS technology, we provide accurate measurements of central metabolism with absolute quantitation. The analysis report includes multivariate analysis, metabolic pathway mapping and absolute quantitation based biochemical parameters, which enable the easy monitoring of intracellular metabolic status. Our technology is central to the elucidation of metabolic based drug mechanisms of action.

Learn what sets us apart from traditional platforms  
Although CE-MS has proven to be the best technology for profiling hydrophilic and charged metabolites, CE-MS is not as useful for the metabolic profiling of more hydrophobic and lipid metabolites such as longer chain fatty acids, neutral steroids, and lipids. The profiling of these hydrophobic compounds requires the use of reverse phase HPLC – MS methods and different extraction protocols. At HMT we provide multiple metabolite extractions for our dual CE and LC platform to optimize for the detection of a wide range of metabolites in multiple sample types. This allows HMT to produce complex and comprehensive data files for biomarker discovery and patient stratification as part of our DEEP DIVE Platform.

Global Profiling
We provide a broad profiling of hydrophilic metabolites with our Capillary Electrophoresis Mass Spectrometric (CE-MS) platforms, adding additional hydrophobic metabolites with our LC-MS platform to capture a wide variety of metabolites and pathways.

Flux Analysis
Precise metabolite tracking and pathway discovery  
C13 isotope analyses are a very useful tool for following the fates of nutrients inside the cell. In vitro experiments are easy to perform and can yield valuable insights. The push towards in vivo C13 labeling will allow researchers to confirm the cells preferred metabolic pathways and better understand druggable targets. HMT is committed to providing our unique C13 analyses for cultured cells, as well as, in the in vivo setting.


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