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CLS Cell Line Services

CLS Cell Line Services
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Motor Proteins
The skeletal muscle proteins Actin and Myosin are suitable for the in-vitro Motility assay, as only highly pure proteins result in high velocities.

The whole cell lysates, heat shock pretreated, are manufactured using the cells and cell lines of the CLS portfolio. Each vial contains 100 µg protein in 200 µl RIPA buffer containing protease inhibidors. We recommend to apply 20 to 25 µg per lane. Storage: Short term at -20°C (1-2 days); long term at -70°C. Repeated freezing and thawing should be reduced to a minimum.

The kits owned by CLS contains:
  • Assay Ready Frozen Instant Cells
  • Kit Tumour Processing
  • Motility Assay Kit
  • Cell Proliferation Assay
  • Cell Starter Kit

Subcategories of Immunoblots
  • Human Tumor Cells Immunoblots
  • Customized Immunoblot
  • Mouse Tumor Cells Immunoblot
  • Rat Tumor Cells Immunoblots

Human Cell Lines
The cell bank owned by CLS contains:
  • Permanent human tumor cell lines
  • Human immortalized cell line
  • Primary human cell lines
  • Transfected cell lines
  • Feeder cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells

HeLa Cell Nuclei
Cell nuclei, frozen, prepared from HeLa cells Human Cervix Adenocarcinoma cell line 10 Mio. nuclei, in one ml aqueous solution


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