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Months of stressing about what’ll happen to your protein after one small formulation tweak is a royal pain — and a total waste of time. Hunky hands over the ΔG info you can’t get anywhere else. Quantify your protein’s stability and know if it’s going to aggregate now, not later. With 4 apps to choose from, automated liquid handling and full-on data analysis, Hunky is a gotta-have for measuring stability.

Biologics hang between their native and denatured states. ΔG is the only way to tell how much of each you’ve got at room temp. High ΔGs mean your protein’s mostly folded and good to go. A low ΔG means it’s more denatured, not as stable and needs extra TLC — or should get the boot altogether. Get quantitative, high-res differentiation on proteins that were too close to call with just Tm.


Description Specification
Maximum unattended ΔG measurements 96
Maximum unattended C1/2 screening conditions 288
Minimum stock protein concentration 25 µg/mL IgG (protein dependent)
Minimum final protein concentration 2 µg/mL IgG (protein dependent)
Typical protein stock volume required per ΔG 0.5 mL
Time to measure each ΔG Average 30 mins (based on running full stacker)
Environmental conditions Temperature range: 18–25 °C; Humidity: 40-60% RH (non-condensing)
Protein stock temperature 4 °C to ambient
Fluorescence excitation 280 nm LED
Fluorescence detection CCD spectrometer, 300–720 nm spectral range
Fluorescence detection dynamic range Five orders of magnitude
Physical 60 cm W x 63 cm D x 73 cm H, 80 kg
Electrical Auto-switching power supply, voltage 100-240 V AC, 50–60 Hz