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Reactive CF® Dyes


CF® Dye Succinimidyl Ester (SE or NHS esters) dyes are commonly used to label antibodies and other proteins on free amine groups, such as lysine residue. We offer a wide spectrum of reactive CF® dye colors with a full selection of reactive chemistries, as well as, other high quality reactive dyes and biotinylation reagents.



Our bright, photostable, highly water soluble Reactive CF® dyes with a wide selection of colors and functional groups. Learn more about different reactive dye chemistries for bioconjugation.

This category also includes non-reactive free acid versions of the dyes. Reactive chemistries include:

  • Succinimidyl esters (SE, also known as NHS esters) which react with primary amines such as lysine residues in proteins.
  • Aminooxy reagents (also known as hydroxylamine or aminooxyacetamide) which react with aldehydes or ketones to form a stable oxime bond.
  • Maleimides which react with thiol groups to form thioether-coupled products.
  • Dyes with an amine group can be used to conjugate the dye to carboxylic acids groups in biological molecules if the carboxylic acids have been activated using water soluble carbodiimides like EDC.