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i-Cube Thermoshaker


  • Built-in temperature calibration and short mixing functions
  • Conforms to CE safety standards
  • Interchangeable blocks to accommodate different sample sizes
  • Microprocessor ensures accurate temperature and speed control

Cat. No. E10010 (*Excludes blocks – Purchase separately)

Mix, shake and incubate your samples at your desired speed and temperature with the microprocessor-controlled Thermo Shaker Incubator. Interchangeable blocks give you the flexibility to use tubes, PCR plates, deep-well plates, micro plates or others.

Cat. No.E10010
Mixing Rate300 – 2000 rpm
Orbit3 mm horizontal
Temperature Range5 – 100°C
Timing Range1min – 99h59min
Temperature Accuracy≤ ± 0.5°C
Display Accuracy0.1°C
Heating Time≤20 min  (RT – 100°C )
Power90-230V,   200W
Dimension270 × 190 × 170 mm
Net Weight6.8 kg

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