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LS560 Microscope


Use the LS560 Microscope to visualize and capture high resolution widefield images comparable to those from traditional, high-cost microscopes. The LS560 utilizes an LED light source, Semrock filters, advanced optical engineering, and a CMOS sensor to provide near diffraction-limited (theoretical maximum) resolution. Powered only by a direct USB computer connection, the LS560 uses the same USB cable to send your photos, time-lapse series, and videos directly to your computer. And its compact size enables working inside challenging locations including incubators , hoods, and environmental chambers.

The new LS560 has an improved camera and optics plus a C-mount compared to the previous LS520 model, plus the accessible deck and improved phase contrast (optional) introduced in the LS520.

  • Digital inverted microscope compatible with microplates, slides, flasks, dishes, microfluidic chips, custom labware
  • Compact design and environmentally rugged; use in incubators, hoods, and environmental chambers over months
  • Comes with Lumaview software for capture of images, time-lapse series, and live video
  • Simple USB connection to your computer provides power and control
  • Excellent resolution in ambient lighting conditions or with Phase Contrast Accessory
  • Detects green fluorophores, including FITC, Fluo-4 and GFP
  • Includes accessible deck for easy exchange of objectives
  • Optional Phase Contrast Accessory (Olympus condenser) for imaging of unstained samples
LS560 Microscope Specifications
OpticsGreen fluorescence; brightfield (transmitted light)
Phase ContrastPhase Contrast Accessory (optional)
Objective Options1.25x, 2.5x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, and 100x(oil) magnification
Objective CompatibilitiesRMS-threaded, infinity corrected, 45 mm parfocal distance
Fluorescence FiltersGreen: Excitation 457-493 nm; Emission 508-552 nm
CameraHigh Sensitivity Monochrome CMOS Sensor; C-mount
Image FormatsBMP, JPG, PNG, or TIF
Image Size100 x 100 to 1700 x 1700 pixels
Field of ViewUp to 1.06 x 1.06 mm at 20x
Video RatesUp to 10 fps; up to 30 fps with reduced frame size
StageManual XY Stage (optional)
Labware Holders (optional)Hold slides, 3 sizes Petri dishes, flasks; custom available
Computer RequirementsWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Automation FriendlySDK available
Power RequirementsUSB
Dimensions (WxDxH)24 cm W x 17.5 cm D x 16.5 cm H (9.4 in W x 6.9 in D x 6.5 in H)
Incl phase: 24 cm W x 23 cm D x 37.8 cm H (9.4 in W x 9.1 in D x 14.9 in H)
Weight3.25 kg (7.1 lb); without phase; 4.5 kg (10 lb) incl phase
Operating Conditions0°C – 42°C, 5% – 95% RH non-condensing
Warranty1 year parts & labor