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Apoptosis & Viability Assays


Biotium offers a wide selection of assay kits for cell viability and cell death for microplate reader, flow cytometry or fluorescence microscopy.

Phalloidin conjugates are actin filament stains for fixed and permeabilized cells. CF® dye phalloidin conjugates consist of the mushroom toxin phalloidin labeled with our superior bright and photostable CF® fluorescent dyes. Phalloidin is available with a choice of 16 bright & photostable CF® dyes, biotin and other common fluorophore.

ViaFluor® Live Cell Microtubule Stains are cell-permeable taxol probes for imaging the microtubule cytoskeleton in live cells. They are simple, rapid and sensitive stains that can be imaged without a wash step.

The NucView® Caspase-3 Substrate comes in 3 colors, and measures caspase activity in real time, in live cells. MitoView™ 633 can measure the decrease in mitochondria membrane potential that occurs in early apoptosis. CF® Dye Annexin V conjugates come in many color options, and label PS on the membranes of late apoptotic cells. We also offer kits containing combinations of these probes. Live-or-Dye dead cell stains for flow or microscopy. Fluorescence- and absorbance-based microplate viability assays such as MTT, XTT, and resazurin. ATP-Glo Bioluminometric Cell Viability luciferase assay. ViaFluor® Cell Proliferation Kits.